May 2000
Silence Is Golden
Till The Day I Die
Can't Seem To Make
__You Mine
#1 Crush
Girl Don't Come
Milk remixed by
__Massive Attack
When will the b-sides album be released?
You've surely asked this questions yourself so many times over the past weeks and even months, maybe. Let's face it: no one knows the exact release date -yet.

The making: Winter 199/1999 - Winter 2000
Some of you remember Winter/Spring 1999: the band announced a possible b-sides and remixes album. Then, in Summer 1999, after recording the Bond theme, "The World Is Not Enough" the band went to Madison to compile the songs for the b-sides and remixes album, which, at that time, was in plan to be released in Winter 1999/2000. The College Tour followed, and the work on the album continued now and then on the Tour Bus. One of the two new songs that the band recorded during the last weeks of Summer has been heard by lucky American fans in colleges throughout the state: "Silence Is Golden", a mixture of raw guitar sounds and electronic elements. The other one is "Till the Day I Die". After touring the USA with the banThey gave some bits of information to mostly British magazines and radios: they said something about a late release date: in the first quarter of 2000. Nothing was sure.d Lit, Garbage got back to work on the b-sides and remixes album.

The truth: release date and how will the album sound like?
And so came January and February 2000. The band is having a rest. Still, the fans keep asking: When will the b-sides and remixes album be released? This text is here to try to reduce the number of desperate questions of fans waiting for a precise date. As it was said in the beginning of the text, there's no date set. However, the b-sides and remixes album will be released not before May 2000. It will be a double album, containing, as it seems, more remixes than b-sides, and not all the b-sides will be included. The songs set for an inclusion are:"Thirteen", "Can't Seem To Make You Mine", "Deadwood", "Silence Is Golden", "Till the Day I Die" and more, which you can see in the box on the left. What is the band doing now? After the Grammies, work on the album has startedagain.